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eMariners jest systemem zarządzania kadrami morskimi, który bazuje na wielu latach doświadczenia oraz współpracy z morskimi agencjami pracy oraz armatorami. System wspomaga zbieranie danych marynarzy, przeszukiwanie, podejmowanie decyzji, planowanie i podpisywanie kontraktów, liczenie płac, rozlicznie agencji i wiele innych.

With the newest solutions and technology the system is very efficient, flexible, modular and opened to extensions and new needs on the market. The system is independent on computer system, installation less and use only web browser. All extensions, corrections and updates are directly enabled to operators.

System contains many modules which are developed for particular companies needs. Very efficient filtering system can search seafarers by many requirements, include search results in other search processing and store it to future use. Seafarers data contains everything need for agency and company requirements, includng categorized documents. Checking documents and reporting are based on very flexible “data process” system which enable creating complex structure of conditions and filters to cover many different requirements. For example prepare different contract reports depending on company, vessel flag, type and size, seafarer nationality, rank, and documents properties.

Brand new payroll and clearing modules are prepared for working with many different companies with different definitions of calculating data. System contain also EDI module which can be used to import/export transfer data to banks or compannies with their requirements.

Seafarers can now create online application which can be approved by operator and transfered into main database. Safarers also can have readonly access to the system and can receive reports about data, documents, contract details and payroll calculations (MLC).


I have been using the eMariners Solution since the very beginning of my carrer in crewing. Speed, flexibility, mobility, comfortable interface and strong support (regular updates etc.) have made it stand out from others as the main tool of my everyday work. Begginers tend to find it user-friendly, whereas advanced users benefit from it`s vast application range. I would recommend it to anyone in the onshore shipping industry regardless of the specific branch.

Bartosz Toczek
Polaris Maritime Services Ltd.


Listening our customers, we are still improving the system and developing new solutions to make it better. We hope, that your company can be one of our satisfied customer.

Your eMariners team.

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