The seafarer module designed to keep and manage seafarer data which is used in all other specialized crewing modules like planning, contract, payroll, clearing, banking etc. Seafarer data page contains basic data, additional details, bankaccounts, contracts, crew details and documents categorized by categories.

Operator can run reports like “seafarer details”, “documents set”, “candidate” and many more. All reports are full customizable. Visibilty of available reports can be managed by different conditions like nationality, rank, agency, type of application.





Seafarer data contains documents, which are divided by category. There are predefined following types of categories:

  • licences
  • courses
  • former sea service
  • next of kin
  • photos
  • uniforms

Document categories are managed by administrator. Each category can contains defined custom fields. To see more about custom fields go to customization section.


Checking documents

Quality of managed services by agency or company depend on quality of system data. So very important is to supply checked and verfied seafarer data. To do this, system is equipped with special documents checking engine, which is full customizable. Administrator may define defferent types of checking, depends on requirements of agency customers. Checking process can different for different nationality, rank, age and document property. The result of checking has three levels: ok, warning and failed.





System offer many types of seafarer’s searching by standard fields, history fields, documents fields, contracts, crew, and planning. Each type of searching can be stored and combined with other. In this way operator can recieve specific range of particular data.

Operator can store searching results to special list, called flag list. This is temporary list used to veryfing all seafarer’s requirements and make decision about next steps of planings, contracts etc.

The basic data are personal data: firstname, lastname, rank, nationality, address etc. Bank accounts are stored as additional list

  • seafarer data:
    keep personal and special maritime data
  • Documents:
    store categorized data by history, licences, courses, family, national, contract reports, education, employment, NOK, working uniforms, and many more customized options
  • Files and scans:
    store scanned documents and files with links to the documents
  • Flag lists and filters:
    searching seafarer by different conditions and storing results in special lists to analyze
  • Lists of different seafarer data:
    contracts, crew, history and many more data in filters and result lists
  • Checking documents:
    define rules for checking data of seafarer