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The Payroll module is defined to cover any possibility of different requirements of wages calculations. Each company can have defferent payroll definition: fields, calculation, allotments and reports.


Payroll definition defines also rates tables with their own value columns. Each table, contained ranks and rate values, can be assigned to company or particular vessel with start and end date. The rate set will be available in the contract window.




The payroll calculation is available on special table which is designed like excel spreadsheet. If the calculation is more complicated each payroll position can be calculated individually.

There’s possibility to create allotments from signed contracts. Then balance to next month is substracted with sum of allotments.



Ready payroll calculation can be printed out with special reports or exported to other systems.



Contract allotments define how the wages money will be trasfered to seafarers accounts. The payroll may calculate allotments  which are base to create bank transfers. Transfers are part of system exchange data (EDI) and are prepared individually to particular bank system.