Contract & Planning

Contract & Planning


The process of creating contract starts with searching seafarers by specified conditions. The seafarer is added to special list, called planning. From this list operator can create contract, assign rates and allotments.



Planning is special calendar table with rows showing ranks in lines. On each line the candidates bars are shown. Each bar can contain many candidates by only one can be finished with contract. Each bar has certain status marked by special color and can show little description – dates, agency icon and name of seafarer.

Planning procedure have special approval path. Each point (status) of this path can be assigned to defferent operator by assigning rights. The result can be, that the agency can propose candidate to particular position and shipowner operator can approve him to make a contract.





Seafarer contract is created from planning calendar. Operator select rates, define allotments and confirm contract, which recieve consecutive number.





Ready contract contains reports which are selected by defined criteria. Afetr the report is run the full copy is stored in report files and is available as ready report.